Greetings, mortal and immortal (and something in-between) readers. You probably know me as Qa’atecholo'khon All-Traveller, and that is good, because it is my name. Well, All-Traveler is more of a title. If you think my name is too difficult to remember and/or pronounce, you have my (reluctant) permission to call me Qa'at ("Kvaat" rather than "Cat"). In this volume that I am writing I will take a look at two universes in particular: the main universe, which is commonly called Coreverse, and the Tyrantverse, in which my dear brother Deathwing holds a considerable amount of power. I will attempt to compare the "power" of different corresponding characters (see Qa’atecholo'khon's Law of Cross-Dimensional Correspondance) in the two universes. Power, in this case, means both personal skill and abilities and the status of the individual in society.

The ComparisonsEdit


Ah, the dread aspect himself. While his Coreverse self is indeed very powerful, he is nothing compared to Tyrantverse Deathwing. In the Tyrantverse, Deathwing has absorbed the powers of most of the kaldorei pantheon of ancients, several of the trolls' loa gods, and the mighty elemental lord Ragnaros, in addition to this, he has control of Tyrantverse Azeroth's by far largest and most powerful army, and the more powerful than ever Dragon Soul. It is not an overstatement to claim that Tyrantverse Deathwing is one of the most powerful beings in any universe, perhaps only matched by the titans and the old gods. Perhaps.

Hellscream, GrommashEdit

Up until the point where Tyrantverse Grom was turned into the Lich King, the two Hellscreams had very close life-lines. Lich King Grom, however, easily has the power to crush Coreverse Grom, fel orc or not.

Menethil, ArthasEdit

This one can be a bit hard to decide, but it all depends on what you consider the most powerful form of Arthas in the Coreverse. Tyrantverse Arthas at the height of his power was probably more powerful than death knight Arthas of the Coreverse ever was, but once the latter joined with the Lich King, his power immediately exceeded his Tyrantverse counterpart.

VanCleef, EdwinEdit

This is one case in which the power and status of the corresponding characters diverge most significantly. In the coreverse, VanCleef is the leader of a brotherhood of organized criminals, and is really not that powerful, if I am to say so, even if he holds a significant amount of renown. In the Tyrantverse, VanCleef is the leader of the Dragon Knights of Deathwing, which makes him a powerful man indeed. He shares many of the same tactics as his Coreverse counterpart, but all in all, there are a lot of differences, most of them which are to his advantage.

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