Abraham Van Halfling
Basic Information
Race Gnome
Class Death Knight
Affiliation Lawn Ornaments, DKOG
Professions Miner, Engineer
Vital Statistics
Height 95cm
Build Muscularish
Hair Black
Eyes Blue Glow
Personal Information
Age 55 or so
Birthplace Gomeregan
Current Residence Ironforge

"Eat cold steel, demon-worshipping scum!"
—Abraham Van Halfling

Abraham Van Halfling is a renegade Gnome Death Knight with a too sweet Hat and a burning hatred of all things Demonic. No, really.


If not for one thing, Van Halfling would be a somewhat intimidating sight. That one thing, of course, is the fact that he's less then a meter tall. This does have something of a detrimental effect, one that could handily be countered by stepladders. His face is severe and lined, sporting a broad moustache and pointy beard to further the effect. His his black hair is kept cut severely short, while his eyes have an unearthly blue glow.

Despite leaving the Lich King's service, Van Halfling still wears a suit of heavy amour and carries a Rune blade. However, he chooses to accessorize these with a too sweet hat. No, really, it is.


Van Halfling is a driven Gnome. His experiences as a part of the Scourge have given him a burning hatred of both the undead and demons, which in turn has lead to an obsessive crusade to wipe both from the face of the earth. He has sworn that hw will not rest until the Scourge and the Burning Legion are completely obliterated, even if he has to destroy every last one of them by himself. This goal of his is an all-consuming obsession; it is all he can think about, all he can do. The only time when he is not off destroying the forces of evil is when he is preparing for his next "mission" against them. When he does engage his foes, he is relentless and merciless, using every power at is command to obliterate his opponent.

Most would view this as a dangerous obsession. However, as he is a member of the Lawn Ornaments, this is seen as being relatively sane.


Nobody knows exactly where Van Halfling came from. As far as anyone can tell, omen day he simply walked out of the Plaugelands, Runeblade in hand and announced his credentials as a professional demon/undead/well anything else slayer. This (and his height) naturally bought him to the attention of the Lawn Ornaments who recruited him straight away. Nobody has thought to ask about his past; it may be that they are afraid to or it may just simply be that they are completely oblivious. Given that this is the Lawn Ornaments, the latter is more likely.

The suggestion however is that he and Mobead actually knew each other before he was a member of the guild, possibly serving together during the Dark Iron-Gnomish War. If that war happened. Or if anything Moebead says can be taken at face value. Or if Moebead actually exists.

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