Captain Yun
Admiral Yun
Basic Information
Race Goblin
Class Warrior/Pirate
Affiliation Booty Bay
Professions Pirate
Vital Statistics
Height Regular goblin height
Weight Regular goblin weight
Build Bulky
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Personal Information
Age 498
Birthplace Booty Bay
Current Residence On the Sea

Admiral Yun is a buccaneer in charge of a fleet of goblin warships. These ships collect taxes from goblin colonies, attack opposing goblin factions, and raid any city they feel like it.


Yun looks much like other goblins, except that he only has one eye. He lost his right eye during a raid of Nayu'garthos. The admiral wears blue armor and a red tabard with the symbol of the Booty Bay Buccaneer Fleet (3BF). He also carries a thick-blade scimitar, and has a mechanical left leg.


The personality of Admiral Yun can be described by one word: vengeful. An eye-for-an-eye like personality is sported by him, meaning if you cut off his arm, he'll slice off your's too. Or let's say you made jokes at him, he'd do it back. Admiral Yun is stone cold and will never break under pressure.


Yun was born in Booty Bay 498 years ago. He helped colonize it and built a tavern using his bare hands. Later down life's road, he tutored a goblin student but slowly manipulated her into becoming a pirate for Booty Bay.

Captain Yun also did voice acting for Legend of Zeldau.