Alamorian Dawnbringer
Basic Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter, Rogue
Guild Thalassian Farstriders
Professions Bowyer, Leatherworker, Skinner
Vital Statistics
Height 6'2"
Weight 140lb
Build Athletic, Wiry
Hair Currently Blue/Black, tied in a foxtail.
Eyes Pine Green
Personal Information
Age 75
Birthplace Dawnbringer Spire, West Silvermoon (Now Ruins of Silvermoon)
Current Residence Windrunner Avenue, Farstriders' Square, Silvermoon

"What? You thought he was sane? That lunatic of a prince has been asking for a padded room since he was born!


—Alamorian's thoughts on Kael'thas Sunstrider

Alamorian Dawnbringer, Ranger-Captain of Silvermoon, is a renowned ranger of Silvermoon and Quel'Thalas, known across the Eastern Kingdoms for his contribution to the Second and Third Wars. At the age of ten, he entered Farstrider training, following the paths of his parents, he eventually reached the rank of Ranger-Captain, reporting directly to Sylvanas herself. In the present day, he is known for his numerous exploits in Outland and Northrend, working closely with The Scryers and The Sunreavers, respectively. In return for his aid, the factions gifted him with valuable pieces of armor and weaponry, hoping that the rewards will help Alamorian in his journey to save Azeroth.


Alamorian is generally regarded as "dashing" or "handsome" by many members of the Sin'dorei community. He has duke blue hair, tied back in a traditional foxtail. He is clean-shaven and a deep scar on his right cheek, caused by a poisoned Amani dagger during the Second War. He has a lean, wiry body, skinny, but not flimsy like many mages and warlocks. At 6' 2", he stands as one of the tallest elves in the farstriders, an embodiment of his steadfastness and strength.

Alamorian wears a suit of mail, closely linked rings and scales of titanium and cobalt, crafted for him by the blacksmiths of the Warsong Offensive and granted to him by The Sunreavers of Dalaran. He wields The Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas, which he retrieved by the Eredar Twins of the Sunwell Plateau, along with a pair of The Stalker's Fangs,

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