Alexandros Maywing III
Basic Information
Race Neranian
Class Warrior (Formerly)
Dark Mage
Affiliation Cult of the Fallen Blood
Vital Statistics
Height 6'5"
Weight 129
Build Lean
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Personal Information
Birthplace Neran
Current Residence Azeorth??

Alexandros Maywing, commonly referred to as High Magister Alexandros is the current leader of the Cult of the Fallen Blood, as well as the Prince of the Maywing Kingdom of Neran. Formerly a Warrior of his people, he renounced his brutish tactics and has become a Dark Mage capable of using a corrupt branch of Arcan magic.


Tall, strong and very well built Alexandros has long black hair tied in a knot with crimson red eyes. He wears a very elogant black outfit, consisting of spiked shoulders with a red flame constantly flowing from the tips and a long robe. The robe is outfitted with several red gems, with a large oval shaped gem embedded into the chest. He has shown to carry his signature weapon Staff of Gol'gesh which was forged from the blood of Neran's greatest enemy Gol'gesh.


Once a noble man, Alexandros was revered for his nobility and cunning personality. After the fall of his kingdom, he made his way to Azeorth as a broken man. The loss of his people scarred him, and caused him to set out and find a power strong enough to avenge his people. Coming across a group of "Dark Magi" known as The Blood, they would train him in the field of Corrupt Arcane Magics as a means to "bring an end to the Kingdom of Stormwind". A full trained Dark Mage, Alexandros proved himself to be quite cryptic and evil, slaying the entire group of Dark Mage.

As the leader of the Cult of the Fallen Blood, he has taken a very calm persona despite keeping his sinister ways. Wanting only to become stronger and to avenge his people, he returned to his kingdom of Neran with several hundred followers of every race. He is known for his cunning and sneaky nature, of using greed to cohearse others into alligning with him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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Under Construction

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