The Grand and Last Alliance of the Powers of Azeroth and Beyond is a major military, political and economic bloc which comprises various nations across the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor, and other significant allies. Its members, usually referred as the Allied Powers, are bound by a fundamental treaty known as the Alliance Compact, and several other particular treaties known as Preexisting Pacts.

Major members Edit

  • Commonwealth of Theramore
  • Kingdom of the Menethil
  • Duskwood Republic
  • Westfall Commonwealth
  • United Kingdom of Stromgarde and Tol Barad
  • Council of the Three Hammers
    • Kingdom of Ironforge
      • Bael Modan
      • Dun Baldar
      • Dun Algaz
      • Dun Argol
      • Dun Morogh
      • Dun Garok
    • Empire of Shadowforge
    • Aerie Peak
      • Northeron Confederacy

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