You have ten seconds. 1,2,10!" Allion to a alliance solider.

General InformationEdit

Allion Cretasor is a Human Rouge. He was born in Gold shire as Aaron Mchiglen. He has 7 brothers and sisters. He was the eldest. He is 35 years old and is considered to be a Mercenary.

Early LifeEdit

Allion was the eldest of 7 brothers and sisters .His family was always poor. When he was 12,his parents left them .He had to steal from the Stormwind market. He took care of all his siblings. By the time he was thirty,they all had gone off on there own.


When he was 31,he was caught stealing a apple and was aprehended. He was held in prison u for three weeks. THen he was bailed out . He had been bailed out by Edwin Vancleef. He was then invited to join the Defies Crime organization.

Meanwhile, 19 year old Harry Mchiglen, had also been caught stealing something,only he had escaped fro custody,losing the forces somewhere in REd ridge. He then made his way down to West fall and single handedly invaded deadmines, unnoticed and made it all the way to Vancleef. It justso happened that Allion was there too.

THey were reunited and both joined the organization. They committed several shiest,rising though the ranks until Allion was Vancleef's right and Harry his left.


Harry was envious of Allion. One day he made a attempt to slit his throat while he was sleeping,but Allion had cast a spell that projected a holo-gram of him. He then preceded to kill Harry.

His faith in the organization deeply shaken,he fled and joined the Scarlet Crusade.

He remained part of there organization until a few years later,a ressurected Harry came and they fought.

Harry won this time and killed him.

The LIch King's PawnEdit

During THe Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, ARthas found Allion's body and ressurect him as a death knight. He served as a death knight for twenty years until he failed in a mission .THe Lich King was about to kill him when His younger siter ,Pamela saved him. They went back to Stormwind and are now both solidiars for THe KIngdom.

Famous QuotesEdit

"What was that? I wasn't listening. When he was talking to a fellow prisoner in Stormwind

"And your point is? When was being repremanded by the LIch King


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