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Andalusian Powney
Background Information
Race Dwarf
Class Hunter
Guild The Order
Professions Skinner, Leatherworker
Vital Statistics
Height 1.2m
Build Solid
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Birthplace Dun Morogh
Current Residence Ironforge

"What? Haven't ye ever seen an invisible cat before?"
—Andalusian Powney

Andalusian Powney ("Andi" for short) is a Female Dwarf hunter. Yes, they exist. Don't look so surprised.


As typical for her kind, Andalusian is compact and heavy set, with a solid build. Her shape could be charitably described as "dome-like", however she is clearly well muscled and rather fit. She has a broad face with a pleasant smile and large, brown eyes. Her hair is naturally silver-white and worn in a single long braid that flows down her back. She wears a pair of silver earrings, but otherwise prefers to go unadorned.

Andi's armor is typically something of a mish-mash of separate components, thrown together from what she has been able to find or acquire on her travels. Despite the rather disparate nature of her gear, however, it is still rather effective. She keeps her armor well-maintained and always ready for battle.

Her particular favorite piece is a cape that used to belong to Emperor Thaurissan himself. According to her, it is his "new cape" and is "very attractive".


Andi is rugged, determined and sees herself as something of a survivalist. She likes to pit herself against the elements and against all manner of foes as a way to test herself. In many ways, for her, adventuring is less about facing destroying the foes of her people, and more about challenging herself to see what she is capable of.

However, despite this, she is not some single-minded, grim survivalist. Andalusian enjoys life and all that comes with it. She is characteristically loud and boisterous, and, as is typical of her race, fond of a good drink. In fact, drinking is one of her favorite past times; the hunter has been known to

In an unusual trait for a Dwarf Hunter, she prefers to use bows rather then guns. Likewise, she is more adept at melee combat then the average hunter. Her personal explanation is that she prefers to go against the trend and forge her own path rather then conforming to the norm.

She likes Worg Pups and riding Rams



Andi's companion is Pebbles, a rather unusual feline. Superficially resembling a Dun Morogh Snow Leopard, the cat is, in fact, semi-transparent. Despite this unusual coloration, the cat is otherwise completely normal, and shows no signs of any other unusual behavior or traits. Certainly, while Andi says she captured him in Darkshore, she doesn't elaborate on the circumstances.

Pebbles has been Andi's companion during most of her travels, and has been a steadfast and loyal partner. Like her master, she is capable of sudden bursts of ferocity, but will be typically quiet and obedient.

It is possible that Pebbles is related to other, similar semi-transparent cats that have been observed.

Occasionally, she will turn red, blue or even green

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