Angie Moor
Angela Cydonia Moor
Background Information
Race Draenei
Class Mage
Professions Tailor, Gemcutting
Vital Statistics
Height Average Draenish Height
Weight 169 lbs
Build Skinny
Hair Black
Eyes Shiny blue
Personal Information
Age 216
Birthplace Draenor
Current Residence Pandaria

"You and I must fight for our rights!"
—Angie Moor, leading a rally

Angela "Angie" Cydonia Moor was born long before the Exodar crashed into Azuremyst Isle. She acts as a representative for the Alliance on the island of Pandaria, home to the pandaren.


Angie has black hair usually worn in dual ponytails, blueish shining eyes, and many tattoos on her body. A series of tattoos from her stomach travel down her legs, arms, and all over her back. These tattoos spiral into shapes and forms that create images of orcs battling draenei. The tattoos also travel down to her buttocks, where an orc sergeant and a draenei corporal are both nailing each other in the face with spears.

These tattoos are symbolic, representing the draenei's struggle with the orcish Horde. They were tattooed by a master of the craft, and also a war veteran, Hidareo Shukagonuri. Hidareo is also the same man who taught her to fight. Angie has the tattoos redone every decade, so they stay fresh and in focus.


Although not realizing it, Angie tends to be cold and unemotional. She says it's from battling all her life; she says war is an ugly thing, a thing people should never have started.

Angie does have a good sense of humor, however, but she never really listens to jokes. She does not like "petty excuses at comedy done by an amateur of the arts." Angie has been known to listen to comedy on the radio, however, but mainly just the comedy stylings of the gnome Lewis White.

That's not the end of Angie's bizarre personality. She also seems to have random moments every month where she acts completely the opposite of regular self. People gossip that it's because when it's her time of the month, instead of becoming a figurative vegetable or an angry PMS-er, she becomes happy-happy joy-joy.


Angie was born on Draenor and taught when she was very young how to fight. Her uncle, Hidareo Shukagonuri, taught her how to fight and kill ruthlessly. However, she was never taught compassion and love...

...until she met a sage known by the name of Surron MacTavish. The sage, who was a retired dwarven Sergeant, told her not to cling so close to hate and to violence and instead to use those to expose love and compassion. Angie thanked Surron, and moved on travelling.

Angie Pet

Yayap the Elekk.


Because of what Surron had told her, Angie used her wits and rescued a dying Elekk. Yayap the Elekk, who had been attacked by cougars, was in dire need of help. Angie rescued him and found out his owner had recently passed away. She raised Yayap and now he lives with her in her home on the island of Pandaria.

Angie now works as a representative for the Alliance on Pandaria. She has been trying to let go of her hate, and even volunteers at a Pandarian Soup Kitchen every now and then.


  • Yayap is a Grunt from the book Halo: The Flood

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