Voting Policy

For the Article of the Month, retroactive "laws" do now apply.

Section I: "Minimum Amounted Articles"

October 26, 2007

To vote, a user must have a minimum of one, fully-completed article. If this article is on the site, complete, changes and improvements may still be done unto said article.

Section II: "Voting Twice"

October 26, 2007

No user, in any event, shall have the opportunity to vote for one article twice, or for two different articles, during a month of voting. However, the same vote may be cast again for the same article during a different month [see Section IV]. As such, spammers will be dealt with harshly.

Section III: "Double Jeopardy"

October 26, 2007

An article that has become Article of the Month may NEVER be voted for again. In the event where an article is voted for, but NOT gaining the title of AotM, that article may still be voted for.

Section IV: "Editing the Voting Policy"

October 26, 2007

Editing will be done only by the system administrator, or by a majority vote from users bearing a minimum of 50 completed articles. If you wish to vote for a change in the voting policy, click here.

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