Atabourne Jenkinsson
Background Information
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin
Guild Dragon Warriors, formerly Legion Of Shadows
Professions Blacksmith, Loot Whore
Vital Statistics
Height 1.25m
Build Rotund
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 49
Birthplace Ironforge
Current Residence Unknown

"That one's mine. I don't care who wants it, It's mine"
—Atabourne on loot division

Often mistaken for his comerade in arms Xabbuto, Atabourne is also a Dwarven Retadin in the service of the Legion Of Shadows. Much like his associate (But not relative, no matter what anyone else thinks), Atabourne combines questionable skill with a desire to take any moderately shiney piece of armour or weaponry that he stumbles across. The only really noticeable difference between the two is that Xabbuto sometimes apologieses for taking something without asking. Sometimes.

Besides stealing whatever is not nailed down, Atabourne is something of a berserker in battle. He likes to charge mindlessly at his foes regardless of their strength or abilities, and also in brute ignorance of whatever plans the rest of his group may have. While some might describe his actions as “courageous”, many would simply call them “just plain dumb.”

As a possible remedy to this, his former guild member Esthaara suggested chopping his head open to let the evil spirits inside out. And just that. No vested interest in seeing him getting his head cut open at all.

He recently left the Leigon, instead joining the Dragon Warriors. Why he left is uncelar, but several other former members of the Leigon have commetned that one has to be rather special to be kicked from the Leigon.

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