Orcmale nopic
Aunty Jack's Shaman
Basic Information
Race Unknown, probably Orc or Tauren
Class Shaman
Guild Aunty Jack Show
Professions Unknown
Vital Statistics
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Build Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Unknown

"She ripped me bloody arm off!"
—Unnamed Shaman

Aunty Jack's Shaman is a former member of the Aunty Jack Show who was apparently dismembered following an argument with the guild's titular leader.

According to Upchaak Bloodscalp and Hogruk Rendermaim, the Shaman had disagreed with Aunty Jack over some matter vital to the running of the guild. She threatened him with dismemberment over his disagreement unless he backed down. When he didn't, she followed through and ripped one (or both) of his arms off. Shortly thereafter, they were ruled unfit for duty and kicked out of the guild.

However, very few details are known about this Shaman otherwise, not even his race. It is assumed that they were an Orc or Tauren, on the grounds that a Troll would have been able to regrow their lost limb(s). It is not known what role they played within the guild, what their specialty was, what professions they had or the like. The other members of the Aunty Jack Show, especially their current shaman are rather tight-lipped on the matter, and never discuss them.

Interestingly enough, Hogruk and Upchaak are more then willing to retell the story, especially to new recruits of the guild. However, the details of their retelling seem to vary wildly and are rarely consistent. However, they are usually at their most graphic and explicit when retelling the story to other Hunters or Rogues.

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