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Concurrent: Battle of Terrokar
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Battle of Nagrand
Previous (other sources): Battle of Zangamarsh
Concurrent (other sources): Battle of Terrokar
[[Image:Zinalor|275px|Battle of Nagrand]]
Conflict: War against the Burning Legion
Date: Two Years prior to the events of Wrath of the Lich King
Place: Nagrand, Outland
Outcome: Burning Legion pushed back to Forge Camps


Burning Legion

  • Drunai Treklone
  • Tyera Nightwhisper
  • Timothy Beldong



5,000 Soldiers

3,000 Soldiers


Light, around 760 Soldiers

Heavy, 2,890 Soldiers

The Battle of Nagrand was a battle which took place at the same time as the Dark Portal's opening. It was an assault against the Burning Legion to rid their presence from Nagrand. The Operation was a sucess, but the Legion still owned the western border up until Zangamarsh.

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