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The Battle of Stormwind was a battle that took place in The Assassin Chronicles I:Forsaken Uprising by the Rebel Forsaken. It was suprise bombing attack which decimated the majority of Stormwind's population and even King Varian Wrynn himself fell in battle.

The BeginningEdit

Although it hasn't been written, the battle of stormwind began shortly after the Forsaken braul with Garrosh Hellscream between Garrosh and Sylvanas Windrunner. The Rebel Forsaken used the Ogrimmar Zeppelins to travel to Stormwind where they began bombing the most populated areas, infecting thousands of civilians and soldiers alike. Before the Anti-Air Defences could react, their gunners were infected by the plague.

Fighting BrawlEdit

Shortly after the initial attack, the Forsaken Rebels launched Necromancers and hundreds of soldiers into the dying city. The dead bodies were used for new ranks for the Forsaken. The remaining soldiers still fought on against the encrouching enemies, evacuating civilians to the docks and retreating to Stormwind Keep. After the remaining soldiers fled to Stormwind Keep, the Forsaken pillaged house by house, looking for living people. Stormwind was starting to look like Strattholme. The Forsaken moved onto the Cathedral of Light, where they faced the holy priests and paladins. But eventually they were all converted into powerful shadow warriors of the Forsaken. After the infestation was complete, the Forsaken charged through to Stormwind Keep.

The Defeat of Varian WrynnEdit

Varian-Last Battle The Forsaken struggled to fight into the keep, but through sheer might and cunning, they blew up the barricade and charged through the guards. The remaining guards has been stuck for two weeks in the keep and were no longer a threat to the opposing army. Soon, the Forsaken locked into battle with Varian and they were evenly matched. Varian, however, was struck in the throat by a rouge and collapsed to the floor and died. The Forsaken then killed Anduin Wrynn to ensure that if Stormwind were to return, it would have no leader to ensure it's survival.


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