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Belikous Desecratus
Basic Information
Race Draenei/Saronite Fiend
Class Twilight Lord/Death Knight, formerly Warrior
Affiliation The Shadow Pestilence of Delramas, Twilight's Hammer, Old Gods
Professions Chosen of the Shadow
Vital Statistics
Height Tall
Weight Average
Build Massive
Hair Blackish
Eyes Glowing Saronite cyan
Personal Information
Age Adult (has ceased aging)
Birthplace Draenor
Current Residence Delramas, Northrend

A Draenei WarriorEdit

Son to a warrior and a vindicator, the one who would later become Belikous had a mostly normal time growing up in Shattrath City, the draenei capital on Draenor. He became a warrior himself eventually, just like his father, and was assigned with guarding the city.

Belikous, Knight of Ebon HoldEdit

Belikous Saronash, Chosen of ShadowEdit


Belikous at the barbershop, with his helmet removed

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