Basic Information
Race Frost Giant
Class Warrior
Affiliation Sons of Hodir
Professions Guardian, emissary
Vital Statistics
Height 20'5
Weight 2 tons
Build Giant. Need I say more?
Hair Ice
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 600
Birthplace Dun Niffelem, The Storm Peaks
Current Residence Brann's Base Camp, The Storm Peaks

"Allow me ta be tha fir'st ta wel'cme ye ta tha 'Orm Peaks."

Bjorn'Ymir is the emissary of the Sons of Hodir. Because of the isolation of the frost giants, Bjorn'Ymir's job was highly limited...that is, until the Alliance and Horde started arriving in Northrend at war with the Scourge. Now, Bjorn'Ymir is quite busy with visitors to the Storm Peaks. He and his brethren hate the Scourge just as much as the visitors, but their main priority is ensuring the younger races respect the titan artifacts and buildings they have guarded for centuries.


Bjorn'Ymir is a typical frost giant. Much of his body is concealed beneath the heavy furs and armor he wears...which is quite ironic, since his beard is made completely of ice, which also coats his armor and helmet. Like most giants, he has reinforced his armor with bits and pieces of buildings and fortifications.


In a land with as many hostile beings as Northrend, trust is hard to come by. Although the frost giants know the Scourge is the main concern of the Alliance and Horde, they keep a wary eye on them, just as they keep a wary eye on everything that enters the Storm Peaks.

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