The Black Flames
Guild Information
Guild Name The Black Flames
Founded By Unknown
Current Leader Thoren Ironfoot
Faction Dark Iron Dwarves
Location Blackrock Depths

""Ye be facin' the best that Blackrock has tae offer, boy. If I were youm I'd start runnin'""
—Thoren Ironfoot

The Black Flames are an elite Dark Iron Commando Force, led by the fearsome Thoren Ironfoot - maybe.

The team was formed sometime prior to the Dark Iron-Gnomish War in preparation for the forthcoming conflict. The Flames were created as an independent operations group that would specialise in infiltrating enemy lines and disrupting their operations. While a part of the greater Dark Iron Army, the Black Flames would be independent of their regular command structure.

As mobility and stealth were their primary concerns, the Black Flames would lack the usual heavy Golems that were a signature of the Dark Iron military machine. Instead, they would be a small, mobile force, each of its members concentrating on a particular specialty; be it direct combat, sabotage or blowing things up or whatever else was needed. Placed under the command of Thoren Ironfoot, the Black Flames were let loose to create mayhem.

During the course of the conflict, they clashed on numerous occasions with Mobead Headkicker, a particularly determined and deranged member of the Gnomish military. Moebead seemed to become obsessed with destroying the Flames, seeing them (accurately) as being a great threat to his homeland and his people. During the course of the conflict, several members of the Flames fell in battle, only to be replaced as swiftly as they could. Even after the end of the war, the Black Flames remained a threat, lurking in Blackrock Depths, ready again to strike. Realizing that they remained a threat, Mobead formed his own organization, the Lawn Ornaments to counter them.

However, as Mobead is the only individual who has ever encountered the Black Flames, there is the distinct possibility that they only exist in his deranged imagination...

Current (Possible) MembersEdit

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