The Blackhood Crusade is a religious organization dedicated to the eradication of the Scourge. Former allies to the Scarlet Crusade, the Blackhood Crusade maintains several islands: Crestfall, Shado Isles, Zul'dare, Djadow Island, Scarlet Monastery, Hearthglen, and Tyr's Hand.

General InformationEdit

The Blackhood Crusade is a large group of zealots that were once true members of the Scarlet Crusade. After the Third War, the Scarlet Crusade and Blackhood Crusade separated from each other when the Scourge overtook Lordaeron. The Crusade traveled to several islands where they can control their organization and hide from the outskirts of the Scourge.

After CataclysmEdit

With the exposure of Balnazzar and Mal'Ganis, the Lich King's defeat, and the Scarlet Crusade has become a shadow of its former self, Lollidana, leader of the Blackhood Crusade decides to take control the Eastern Kingdoms and form a new empire. Gathering races known as the Skaven, Dark trolls, Gnolls, Uru-kai, Vrykul, Djinn, Forest trolls, Sand trolls, and Fomorians, Lollidana rallies her forces to prepare war against the Alliance and Horde.

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