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    I see that this isn't the best maintained or most active of fan-fiction Wikis—it has been a few years since editing has a been a regular occurrence on the Wiki—but I think we can all agree that there is a lot of potential here, given the vastness and popularity of the subject—World of Warcraft (duh!). There are many stories, myths, tales, and events that take place throughout the game that allow one's imagination to flow and expand upon canonical lore. It seems a surprise to me that Wikia is called home by the fanon compliment of many other fictional universes, but Warcraft Fanon is a dwarf by comparison (or gnome, however you look at it ;] ).

    This is why I propose we (meaning anyone who is interested in doing anything to help) try and bring b…

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    Advice for newcommers

    January 18, 2011 by Rantinan

    Hi folks. We've recently had a bunch of articles of, well extremely dubious worth posted on the wiki, and so I come bearing the advice of a multiple article of the month winner and general oldfag.

    First up, there are a few policies you should pay attention to: We have an obligation as wikia users to not violate copyright. If you did not draw the picture yourself, or do not have permission to use the picture, DO NOT UPLOAD IT. DO NOT HOT LINK TO IT. In fact, DO NOT USE IT AT ALL. In a related subject, we do NOT, under any circumstances allow the promotion of private servers on this wiki. This includes screen shots taken of things assembled from in world components that simply do not occur in world. If you are some sort of mechamachina god…

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    My blog. Leave comments. I am The Archlord!!!(Yep) The Archlord's TroopContribs

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    Wikia blog articles

    December 3, 2008 by Kirkburn

    Good morning! Wikia is launching wiki blog articles today. Wiki blogs are a new type of article that have a single author and can be voted and commented on. Some examples of how we expect Wikia communities to use these are fan fiction, personal opinion articles, community announcements, Top 10 Lists, Q&A, etc. Naturally, how all this is used comes under your own wiki policies, so it's up to the community what people are allowed to write about. In addition, the update introduces a new banner on user-related pages that includes an avatar and user links.

    You can learn more about how to use blogs on your Wiki at Help:Blog article.

    You are one of the first wikis to see this feature, due to your stronger focus on the users of the wiki. As you try…

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