Guild Information
Guild Name Bloodforged
Founded By Heavy boozing
Current Leader Alamexia
Faction Alliance
Location Ironforge

"Stay out of fire. Fire is bad."
—Alamexia, directing a battle

Bloodforged is an Alliance-affiliated guild that specialise in dealing with large-scale threats. And exploding priests.


The exact origin of Bloodforged is unclear; it appears that the guild was formed by a bunch of drunken people in Ironforge a few years ago; its current leader, Alamexia, was not one of the founding members, but took over the guild at a later date. Her past (including , apparently, her last name) were unclear, as were her exact qualifications for leadership. However, she did have an extensive knowledge of various monsters and other threats, as well as the ability to talk for hours on end to instruct her soldiers on how to best deal with said threats.

Formed in the years before the reopening of the Dark Portal, Bloodforged had spent a number of years battling various threats on Azeroth alongside a number of other adventuring guilds. After the reopening of the portal, they ventured through to Draenor, being amongst those leading the charge into the alien world. Bloodforged was one of the first guilds to welcome onboard Draenei members; at present, a Draenei Paladin is one of the guild's leaders.

Since then, the guild has continued to grow and prosper; it seems to have a convenient knack for picking up members of guilds that have broken up or are otherwise inactive; it seems that everytime such occurs, Bloodforged is conveniently there to pick up the pieces. Recently, it absorbed members from The Order as well as the Legion Of Shadows, the former being leaderless, the latter just generally hopeless.

Having dealt with many of the threats in Outland, for the most part, Bloodforged's members have been redeployed now to Northrend to face the Scourge armies and the Lich King. The guild has also, recently added several Death Knights to its ranks.


At present, Bloodforged has a large number of active members, as well as a number of reservists. Its actual strength tends to fluxgate, depending on the current situation, and the needs of its individual members. Bloodforged's members are expected to conduct themselves in a more or less professional manner and know their roles and hoe to perform them to the best of their abilities. Fortunately, for the most part, they are able to follow these standards.

Current members of the guild include:

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