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Caderos Howlrunner
Background Information
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Guild The Order
Professions Skinner, Leatherworker
Vital Statistics
Height 2.15m
Build Lean
Hair White
Eyes Gold
Personal Information
Age Approximately 10,000
Birthplace Feralas
Current Residence No fixed abode

"All I want is to recalaim our immortality."

Caderos Howlrunner is loner Night Elf hunter descended from the Highborne.


Lean by the standards of the otherwise muscular Night Elves, Caderos gives an impression of wiry speed. He sports an uncommon combination of pale purple skin and soft white hair, which he wears long and loose. His features are weathered and intense, with a long face and narrow eyes. He wears finely crafted armour of natural scales and leather made in earth and forest tones to help camoflauge him.





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