Captain Laura
Captain Laura
Basic Information
Race Goblin
Class Warrior/Pirate
Affiliation Booty Bay
Professions Pirate
Vital Statistics
Height Regular goblin height
Weight Regular goblin weight
Build Slim
Hair Blonde
Eyes Pink
Personal Information
Age 192
Birthplace Stranglethorn Vale
Current Residence Booty Bay

" the guy's on the floor now, and I slit him right through the eye... talk about EYE-ronic, eh!? Har-har-har!"
—Captain Laura making a dumb joke

Captain Laura (a.k.a. Laura the Angry) is a pirate captain who makes her lair in Booty Bay. She was raised by Teresa "Tess" and Captain Aaron Fütpad, her biological parents.


Growing up mostly in the scenic dock Booty Bay, "Captain" Laura Fütpad was raised to be a pirate, like her father and mother before her. She wears a swashbuckling captain's outfit, along with a red tabard with the symbol of a starfish on it. She wears hoop earrings, has pink-reddish eyes, and blond hair.


Being raised by strict pirate parents, Laura knows how to keep up a tight ship. She never takes no for an answer, and was the first goblin pirate to establish connection to Nayu'garthos.


Laura's childhood was a very long and stressful one, being a goblin pirate and all. She was tutored by Admiral Yun, a scholar and pirate. He was the commander of Booty Bay at the time. Laura learned the highest in Alliance and Horde studies, learning all about the world.

This was not like a regular tutor, however. It was later found that Yun was tutoring her to believe in only pirate ways, and to plunder the hell out of any open port you believed you could capture. Laura was trained to be a pirate.

One day, after receiving her captain's degree, Laura was waiting to accept a ship for her and her crew. The ship, however, was booby trapped, and a raid by satyrs from Illidan commenced. The fighting was long, and the satyrs retreated to a boat, where Laura and goblin sappers headed to. Laura held off the strongest satyr, and the sappers blew a hole through the ship.

Tumbling down into the water, Laura held her breath and swam for the dock. The sappers' lives were lost, but she saved all of Booty Bay. Commended and given a galleon ship, Laura sailed out into the sea, only to return with riches she divided between her, her crew, and her parents.


  • Laura is based off a real person


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