The Crimson Masks
Guild Information
Guild Name The Crimson Masks
Founded By Lord Vergo Salvaan
Current Leader Edwin VanCleef
Faction Defias Brotherhood, formerly independent
Location The Deadmines, formerly Stormwind

We control the puppets, and we can sever their strings."

-Organization motto

Some fifty years or so before the First War, the nobleman Lord Vergo Salvaan was arrested and convicted for hiring assassins to eliminate a rival lord. Lord Salvaan managed to flee his imprisonment, and decided to use his knowledge of the Stormwind criminal elements to found a criminal organization, based on extortion and assassination. Many shady individuals, intrigued by the concept of the organization, decided to join it, and thus the Crimson Masks syndicate was born. Before long, the Masks had come to span the entire Stormwind, and even some surrounding villages.

However, Vergo Salvaan eventually succumbed to a mysterious illness, and his daughter, the brilliant and beautiful Lady Dona Salvaan, became the new leader.

The organization accepted many recruits, but one in particular came to mean a lot for the Crimson Masks: the renegade young nobleman Erasmous Michaeli Ryvengard. Ryvengard, nicknamed "Eraser", quickly rose through the ranks, and became the lover and second-in-command of Lady Salvaan. This went on for about a month, after which Eraser Ryvengard decided to eliminate Dona, and take command himself, along with his new girlfriend, Hannah Salvaan, the younger sister of Dona Salvaan. Under the rule of Ryvengard and Hannah Salvaan, the organization reached new heights, and it came to span the enitre Kingdom of Azeroth.

Not many years later, the orcish Horde began it's ravaging of the Kingdom, culminating with the destruction of Stormwind itself. Both of the organization leaders joined the exodus to Lordaeron, and left the remnants in the hands of the seasoned member Marz Thredd. Thredd succeeded in keeping the organization together, and when the Defias Brotherhood was founded, he offered his services to VanCleef. The Crimson Masks was absorbed into the structure of the Defias, with most it's members agreeing upon this decision.

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