The cyvertron Council are the sockpuppets of the Silverloz Emperor. It is composed of Cybertron Councilors who are all responsible for some aspect of the Empire such as JaAm production, JaAm clones, Gaint preditory birds, Gnomish Engineer INSERTIONS and such. In effect the High Council acts as the sockpupets of hte emperor, mindlessly towing his line and parroting his ideals.

The High Council consists of a variable numebr of Cybertron Councilors who act as the defacto government when the Emperor is not present. Though hotshot has absolute authority, more and more, he has delegated responsibilities to the Cybertron councilers Councilors and their subordinates to manage the Empire as it grows. Little do thecouncil know htat when the emperor finishes the batch of JaAm clones of himself, he will have them all publicly flogged, tortured and exicuted for thinking they are essential. Only the emperor hotshot himself and JaAm are essential to the empire.

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