Dark Shadow Angels
Arena Team Information
Team Name Dark Shadow Angels
Founded By Lucille Ravenwynd
Current Leader Lucille Ravenwynd
Team Size 3v3
Location Stormwind

"Life is pain. We'll show you some of it."
—Lucille Ravenwynd

The Dark Shadow Angels are an arena team formed by Lucille Ravenwynd as a spin off of Invt Pls.

After a string of losses, Lucille became convinced that Invt Pls were never going to amount to anything. To her mind, however, she figured that the Team's main problem was, simply put, everyone else. She knew that she was easily its best and most capable member. She also knew that all their losses were caused by the team's other members not doing their job properly. She knew exactly what she should be doing and how to do it. But, because the rest of her team were so incompetent, she figured that they couldn't be replied upon.

Deciding to form her own, smaller team, she picked out two other members of the Dragon Warriors that she felt would be capable of listening to her. She saw Markos Blackhand as a good choice as the Warlock was one of the few people who ever listened to her and ever gave her the attention that she so rightfully deserved. Despite the fact that she had been one of the "unreliable" members of Invt Pls, Lucille also felt that she could trust Ellis Islington to do her job; she had taken something of a special interest in the rouge, and had been watching her closely for some time.

Figuring that a lack of planning was one of Invt Pls' biggest weaknesses, Lucille decided to thoroughly research and develop strategies for possible opponents that they may encounter. From there, she developed an array of tactics to be used in battle against various foes. Confident that her team was ready for anything, she signed them up for their first battle.

Unfortunately, their first battle was against Team Twing-Twang. Upon seeing Tuuron, Lucille lost control and demanded that the team do everything to destroy the Paladin immediately. As a result, they were ambushed by the rest of the team and easily taken out.

Current MembersEdit

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