Darkspear Colony
Land Information
Land Name Darkspear Colony
Capitol Formely Drakon, now Jaxxromus
Major Races IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead FemaleScourge (13,000)
Major Cities IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll FemaleTroll: Drakon

IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll FemaleTroll: Darkspear Village

IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead FemaleScourge:Jaxxromus
Faction Scourge
Imports Formally Mechanics, Oil
Exports Formally Crystals, Emeralds, Beasts
Flight Paths Formally Darkspear Village and Drakon
Docks 1, The Plauged Landings
Continent On Northrend

The Darkspear Colony was a small colony of Islands south to Northrend discovered by the Darkspeare Trolls shortly before the events of Wrath of the Lich King. It thrived with its exports of exotic gems and beasts until it was invaded and plauged by the Scourge, where it is now under the control of the Scourge Necropolis Jaxxromus.

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