Dartvader is the main Tauren ally of Terrana.

Dartvader in Orgrimmar

Dartvader is a also a veteran of the Northrend War. He originally was an tauren hunter but his philosophy had changed with the Blood Elves joining the Horde.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

Born in a tent in the Barrens while his father was killed by centaur in a battle. He grew up as a hunter and had once killed a salamander. When he defeated the salamander he was cheered by his tribe.

Founding of Thunder Bluff Edit

Years later the tribes were unified by Cairn Bloodhoof. When the tauren founded Thunder Bluff they were aided by the Horde. Dartvader aided the tauren and Horde by fighting off the hostile creatures in Mulgore.

Serving the Horde Edit

Four years later Dartvader officially became a soldier for the Horde saving a guard while Orgrimmar was attacked by a party of Alliance raiders.

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