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Dom Stonechaser
Background Information
Race Ironforge dwarf
Guild Swords of Zohaberut (temporarily)
Vital Statistics
Height 132 centimeters
Weight 82 kilograms
Personal Information
Birthplace Tomethil, Kingdom of Azurmar

Dominic "Dom" Stonechaser was a dwarf of the Ironforge lineage. He was a citizen of Azurmar, the governing body of the Edgewater Archipelago, a military officer, a lawful mercenary, and in his later life a politician and aristocrat.

As a hunter and sharpshooter, Dominic bravely fought for the Army of Azurmar in its semi-guerrilla campaign against the Horde, known as the Eighth Southern War. Then-Marshall quickly rose in rank and gained command of the White Squadron, the Kingdom's second largest naval fleet. While in this position of command, Dom was responsible for numerous victories, most notably the Siege of Hyro, which took place in 15 AC.

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