Dookyhatt Sludgemirror Portrait
Dookyhatt Sludgemirror
Basic Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Mage
Professions Socialite (former)
Magic Junkie
Mage (former)
Vital Statistics
Build Average
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Birthplace Silvermoon City
Current Residence Magically trapped within the Ruins of Silvermoon

Dookyhatt Sludgemirror was a blood elf mage who attempted to serve the Horde and, by extension, find herself a source of magic that she could siphon off of; she had seen the degeneration of others into wretched and, being incredibly vain, wished to do anything that would prevent this condition from taking hold of her as well. Very soon after she began questing in an attempt to become a heroine of the Horde, she disappeared mysteriously. Her banishment led to her eventual degeneration into a wretched herself.

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