Dragon Knights
Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Guild Information
Guild Name Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Founded By Deathwing
Current Leader Edwin VanCleef
Faction Reign of Deathwing
Location Stormwind

Dragon Knight Symbol

The symbol of the Dragon Knights

I swear to remain ever loyal to Deathwing and the Dragonflight in life, to rain the dark fire of the Aspect upon His enemies wherever I may find them, to carry out His tasks, whatever they might be, so I can find wealth and prosperity in the afterlife by His side.

-Dragon Knight's Oath

The Dragon Knights of Deathwing is the name of the organization which Deathwing created in the "Tyrantverse" reality to serve as his elite soldiers. It consists solely of human collaborator, all of who are experienced fighters. Their base of operations is Dreadwyrm Keep in Stormwind. It started out as a night elven organization, but this branch was dissolved when Deathwing moved his attention to the Eastern Kingdoms. It's former Grandmaster, Illidan Stormrage, followed Deathwing in order to train the new Grandmaster, Edwin VanCleef.

A Dragon Knight, in addition to being a superior fighter, is also a spellcaster, using the fiery and unholy powers of their patron to devastating effect. A Dragon Knight is equipped with ornate but highly effective plate armor, often adorned with draconic imagenry. In combat they wield just about any kind of melee weapon, also usually adorned with draconic imagenry. Ranged weapons are not usually equipped by Dragon Knights, but they do carry enchanted icons of wicked magic.

Once a human is accepted as a Dragon Knight recruit, that person has to go through at least year of training, depending on personal success, in order to become a full Knight. Life as a Dragon Knight means almost constantly crusading against the enemies of the Dragonflight, and when they are not doing so, improving their skills back at the Dreadwyrm Keep. Lately, some Knights, starting with their Grandmaster, have begun enhancing themselves with draconic elements in order to achieve an even greater level of power.

Famous Dragon Knights include Grandmaster VanCleef, former Grandmaster Stormrage, and the cunning General Menethil.

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