Dragon Priests
Dragon Priests of Deathwing
Guild Information
Guild Name Dragon Priests of Deathwing
Founded By Deathwing
Current Leader Gul'dan
Faction Reign of Deathwing
Location Argumar

Dragon Priest Symbol

The symbol of the Dragon Priests

Feel the flames of Deathwing burning through your heathen soul!

-Common Dragon Priest battle cry

In the "Tyrantverse" reality, Deathwing, after taking control of the Amanathi lands and the Horde, created the twin orders of the Dragon Knights of Deathwing and the Dragon Priests of Deathwing. While the Knights were created to serve as a martial elite, the Priests were to serve as spellcasters, casting deadly elemental spells, as well as bolstering the military ranks with supportive magic. Also, while the Knights only accepted humans, the Priest would only let orcs join their ranks. As the first (and current) leader of the clergy, Deathwing chose the powerful ex-shaman ex-warlock Gul'dan, an orc of few morals. The Priesthood is based in Argumar, a city-state practically ruled by Gul'dan, but still claiming allegiance to Deathwing, of course.

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