TV VanCleef2
Grandmaster Lord General Edwin VanCleef
Background Information
Race Human (with draconic augments)
Class Dragon Knight
Guild Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Professions Engineering
Vital Statistics
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Average
Hair Black
Eyes Cyan
Personal Information
Age Middle-Aged
Birthplace Stormwind
Current Residence Dreadwyrm Keep, Stormwind

By the power vested upon me by the Aspect, consider yourself a dead man!



The young Edwin VanCleef was born to a wealthy Stormwindian family, but was unhappy with the Amanathi rule of the city. When Deathwing conquered the eastern lands, VanCleef offered directly to assisst the Aspect in any way possible. A skilled warrior and engineer, he was accepted as the first of Deathwing's human order of Dragon Knights, training under the former Grandmaster Illidan Stormrage.

Rise to PowerEdit

Edwin VanCleef didn't disappoint his superiors even a tiny bit. He was everything they had hoped for and more. When his training was complete, he ascended to the position of Dragon Knight Grandmaster. From that day, he was Deathwing's most trusted commander. He also took the young Arthas Menethil as his protége.

Present StateEdit

After General Arthas's death-victory against the Lich King, VanCleef has started searching for a new promising apprentice. So far, he hasn't found one, but he probably will soon enough. His current objective is the eradication of Jha'Ihna's rebellious forces. He has also started augmenting himself with draconic elements, a relatively new process.


The Grandmaster of the Dragon Knights is a cunning combatant, using both powerful and sneaky attacks delivered by his mighty sword Maladath. If he feels the battle is not going entirely in his favor, VanCleef will not hesitate to use any of his personally crafted gadgets, including his spike-launching shield or the force-blades concealed in his gauntlets.


Many rumors circulate the enigmatic Grandmaster, including such as he will some time in the near future be granted a blade of incredible power from Deathwing, or that he forced Arthas to venture to Kalimdor because he feared a coup against him.

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