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The Emerald Sanctum' (more commonly known as ES or Green Sanctum) is a 10/25 player raid implemented in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It's location is beneath the Wrymrest Temple in Dragonblight. The Black Dragonflight, lead by Lorkarien, have captured members of the other dragonflights and corrupted them. Alexstrasza seeks out adventurers to attempt to save the other Flight's members, or if forced to, kill them.

Dungeon DenizensEdit


IconSmall Alexstrasza Alexstrasza the Lifebringer

See tactics here



The Front Gate:

The Red District:

IconSmall DragonRed

The Timeless District:

IconSmall DragonBronze

The Azure District:

IconSmall DragonBlue
Azuros the Magi Consumer

The Emerald Dream: IconSmall DragonGreen Green Dragons

  • Corrupt Preserver
  • Decaying Treant
  • Brunt Guardian
IconSmall DragonGreen
Verilria Dreamblesser

The Burnt Grove:

IconSmall DrakeBlack
Lorkarien the Dream Corrupter
IconSmall DragonGreen

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