Llane Wrynn I
Llane Wrynn I
Background Information
Race Human
Class Paladin
Professions Emperor
Vital Statistics
Height 1.8m
Build Muscular
Hair Grey
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age 60
Birthplace Stormwind
Current Residence Stormwind Keep

Emperor Llane Wrynn I, is the first Emperor of the Empire. Formerly he was just one king out of six kings that ruled the human kingdoms. He developed the concept, personally of bringing the human kingdoms together under his rule under the pretense of a unifying of the human nations. Emperor Wrynn was the chief architect of the design for his own imperialistic ambitions to conquer all of the eastern kingdoms. He also lay down the foundations for the racial hatred that would be one of the Empire's most despised aspects.


Emperor Wrynn is brutally ruthless. Any advisor who's "suggestions" are met with error can expect brutal punishments and often executions. To make a statement to the authority of the Empire, Wrynn ordered public executions in all towns and villages of anyone who breaks the laws of the Empire, humans included.

The Emperor's attitude of ruthlessness applies even to his own family. His first son and heir, Varian Wrynn is sometimes openly mocked by his own father for his weak behavior, while his father favors his youngest son, Marius Wrynn for his equally brutal nature. The Emperor may wish to replace one son with another if Varian has not proven his ability to rule effectively.

Emperor Wrynn is also known for his highly effective and military strengthened rule. Soldiers patrol every single street in the Empire and the costs of this are high. He has made sure that even the nobility has to bow to his commands who are taxed depending on their loyalties.

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