Background Information
Race Blood Elf (Formerly High Elf)
Class Mage/Paladin/Priest/Warlock
Guild Silvermoon Empire
Professions Co-Emperor
Vital Statistics
Height 1.8m
Build Muscular
Hair White/Black
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age 200
Birthplace Silvermoon
Current Residence Sunwell Plateau

Emperor Metachronos is the co-Emperor of the Silvermoon Empire. When Emperor Jarethan I is not present to make decisions or is absent, Emperor Metachronos has the right and duty to act as full leader of the Silvermoon Empire.

Emperor Metachronos, was crowned as "Emperor of the Second Reign" to replace Emperor Jarethan should the need arise in case of death or abdication. Emperor Metachronos also holds many titles that would indicate he is first in line to the throne. Since Emperor Jarethan has no consort or children, Emperor Metachronos is likely to be the next Emperor of the Silvermoon Empire.

Emperor Metachronos is often seen also wearing the same Imperial Crimson armor that the Emperor himself wears as the are technically both of equal ranking. Though Emperor Jarethan is a far more visible sign and symbol of power, Emperor Metachronos assists in the runnings of the Empire, with the assistance of the Imperial Advisors. It is said that Emperor Metachronos is the one behind the power of the Imperial Advisors, using them to initiate counter actions against any potentially ambitious Chancellor or High Councilor who would try to usurp power from the Emperor.

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