Basic Information
Race Night Elf
Class *Rouge
  • Assassin
  • Enchanter
Professions Enchanting
Vital Statistics
Height 8'2
Weight 120ib
Build Tall, slender
Hair Purple
Eyes Blue (glowing)
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Ruins of Marchanace

"And only those who acquire the right artifacts can be seen by Enchantere, if you dwell into her lair without the required artifacts, she'll be the last thing you ever see. If your lucky..."
Tyera Nightwhisper to Hara Coldwind and Mondonis Sunspawn

Enchantere (or commonly identified as Enchantere the Stealthed), is a Night Elf rouge who is well known as the 'most powerful rouge in Azeroth'. Her origins are unknown. She is known to help anyone for the right price, four artifacts from all over the planet of Azeroth. A withered Saronite Plate from Icecrown Citadel, a root from the watered area of Teldrassil, a stone tablet from Zul 'Gurub and a vial of blood from a Treant of New Life. It is unknown what her weapons are called, but they are incredibly heavy enchanted.

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