== Enlightened Carnag ==


Liron Stormtrident picked his way through the dead bodies slowly. Naturally. He saw dead quel'dorei the high elves. However much Shadowcinder killed, he always felt a twinge of guilt and sympathy for these dead souls, flitting into the undead Scourge army, destroying thousands of other innocent living, sentient beings. But again. He, Liron Stormtrident himself, was once in the Scourge army, then transferred into a death knight. Working for the unsatisfiable master: King Arthas Menethil, the Lich King.

The Lich King. What a--

An earth-splitting shriek made him whirl around. He saw an elven banshee screeching, destroying living beings around her. Liron growled and walked up to the ghost. "Shut up, elf. You'll get your revenge soon enough." He smirked, satisified, behind his sturdy death knight helm. He stabbed his runeblade, Shadowcinder, into the ground, hard. It speared a body to the ground and it glowed all the more blue and shadowy veil-like black-gray. The banshee shrieked all the louder. Liron growled dangerously again and twirled the light runeblade in his hand as if it were a usual quel'dorei's paladin two-handed sword. He brought it crashing down upon the ghost, and it drove right through her.

In a swirl of exploding dust, she disappeared and uttered a last, noisy, unearthly shriek.

"Serves that damned bitch right," he muttered, watching swarms of sparkling particles swish to the ground calmly and silently. Liron's rage and merciless emotions turned to sorrow as he saw that beautiful blanket of dust dance down to the ground, sinking into the dirt and becoming the mud itself.

Chapter 1Edit

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