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Xathrios the Vengeful is an Illidari demon hunter who, prior to the fall of the Black Temple, served Illidan Stormrage as one of the many enforcers/enacters of his will. However, after a suicide mission to a demonic world, he was captured and imprisoned by the Wardens. He has remained in their captivity ever since.

Xathrios was a fierce and brutal combatant. He was known for his speed and sheer passion in battle. Added onto this, He is quite attractive, with strong, angled features, though the demonic horns and missing eyes somewhat distracts from this. He is well-built, with clear and powerful musculature that displayed his natural, as well as learned strength.

He became known as the Vengeful due to his burning desire to slaughter demons as revenge for their actions during the War of the Ancients. He showed no real signs of loyalty to Illidan himself, but followed him regardless because of his hate for demons.

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