Arena Team Information
Team Name Fear
Founded By Don Solani
Current Leader Vol'gini
Team Size 5v5
Location Undercity

A rag-tag team put together by the Goblin Trade Prince; Don Solani (alias), Fear is a 5v5 arena team of some of the top fighers ranging from Kalimdor to Northrend. Comprised of a Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin and Druid; Fear is on a 10 match winning streak.

Put together after the fall of the Lich King; Don Solani wanted to bring the money business to the Arena game opening betting rings from Lower City of Shattrath all the way to the Underbelly of Dalaran. This betting is destested by the Kirin Tor and they constantly try to stop this underground ring from plaguing their city. To no avail, this game is becoming quite large and has even become a large betting hall that has opened in Kalimdor.

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