(This article is part of my original "Age of the Legion" storyline.)

Gargonnath the Corruptor is a massive, vile pit lord in service of the Burning Legion. One of the largest and most deadly of his kind, he served as replacement for Mannoroth following his death at the hands of Grommash Hellscream.

After the former event, the gigantic demon was hand-picked by Tyrant Vandaala, to command her forces as they invaded Draenor and later, the invasion of Azeroth. One of Gargonnath's top agents is the nathrezim infiltrator known as Morgul'zum, who has spied on the Alliance for years.

Gargonnath is a merciless and brutal conqueror, a veteran of a thousand battles. He has proven his strength and smarts so many times over, that he was gifted his own set of demonic battle armor, grafted from bones and dark metals, infused with the darkest energies imaginable. In the Burning Legion, he is answerable only to Tyrant Vandaala and her own superior, Kil'jaeden the Deceiver.

Gargonnath's blood was used to corrupt and empower the warsong warrior Krethgar Banereaver.