Garren Flamerage
Basic Information
Race Dark Iron Dwarf
Class Priest
Professions Tailor, Enchanter
Vital Statistics
Height 1.15m
Build Average
Hair Grey
Eyes Red
Personal Information
Age 91
Birthplace Shadowforge City
Current Residence Shadowforge City

"Live outside? Unnatural! What foolery is that?"
—Garren Flamerage

Garren Flamerage is a Dark Iron Priest who serves as a part of the Black Flames. A devoted servant of Ragnaros, he is somewhat agoraphobic.


Slightly below average height for a Dark Iron, Garren's most distinguishing feature is his thick, bushy grey beard. Surprisingly neat and well cared for by Dark Iron standards, he seems to spend an inordinate amount of time looking after it. What little of his face that can be seen is heavily lined, belying his age. He is not as muscular as his fellows, instead being relatively slight - for a Dwarf, that is. Which means that he's still rather heavyset by most other races' standards.

He wears black and red robes, the colours of Ragaros' followers. For some reason, he tops these off with a fez.


Garren is a devout follower of Raganros, and firmly believes in the Firelord's goals of subjugation and/or destruction of the world. He believes that, in the end, his own life (as well as those of his people) are only of any value for as long as they serve Ragnaros. Garren has dedicated his life to the service of the firelord, and will not be swayed in his duty.

While normally a fearless advocate of the Firelord, Garren looses much of his determination when above ground. Instead, he becomes somewhat more timid and rather nervous. It is possible that, due to living his entire life in the depths of Blackrock Mountain, he is actually rather agoraphobic and unused to open spaces.


Born into the service of the Firelord, Garren was raised by his strict father, who was also a priest of Ragnaros. He grew with absolute belief in the firelord's cause and inevitable victory. Steadfastly loyal to his people, he gladly joined the Dark Iron military to do battle against their foes and aid in the firelord's conquest of Azeroth. He served in the Dark Iron-Gnomish War, both as a member of the regular army and then later as a part of the Black Flames.

Or, at least, he may have. Like the rest of the Black Flames, Garren may be the product of the overactive imagination of a somewhat unbalanced Gnome. Which, actually might explain a lot. In fact, of all the Black Flames, Garren may be the member with the least proof of existence; well, save for The Fifth Dwarf.

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