Gipper Fizzlebang
Background Information
Race Gnome
Class Mage
Guild Lawn Ornaments
Professions Miner, Engineer
Vital Statistics
Height 93 cm
Build Round
Hair Bald
Eyes Allways covered by goggles
Personal Information
Age 87
Birthplace Gnomeregan
Current Residence Ironforge

"Frostbolt! IceLanceIceLanceIceLance! Frostbolt! IceLanceIceLanceIceLance! Frost Nova!"
—Gipper Fizzlebang

Gipper Fizzlebang is a Gnome mage who has applied himself to the art of what he calls "Scientific Destrucity". Whatever that means.


Relatively understated by the oft eccentric standards one associates with Gnomes, Gipper is of average height for a gnome. Rather then the extravagant hairstyles preferred by his race, he is completely bald; however, he sports a neat beard. Most of his face, however, is perpetually hidden behind a set of finely crafted goggles. Whether or not they actually do anything is another matter.


Whereas the stereotypical Gnome Mage is a pigtailed giggling maniac, Gipper sees himself as a scientist and professional, responsible mage. Rather then engaging in copious, gratuitous mass destruction, he instead prefers to make careful and controlled use of his spells to thwart his enemies, both through controlling their movement and through blowing them up.

Gipper is also somewhat fascinated with gadgets, and spends a lot of his spare time tinkering and messing with various devices, most of which have absolutely no value whatsoever. He is more then willing to test these devices on himself for the purposes of "furthering science", which means that he keeps Helga and Sloan very busy cleaning up the mess he made of himself, of his guild members or of random innocent bystanders.


Before the Trogg invasion and nuclear meltdown, Gipper worked in Gnomregan University's Department of Quack Experimental Physics as a researcher, working in the specialty field of Particles That May Or May Not Exist. However, the disaster forced him to abandon his home and work, fleeing Gnomeregan for the halls of Ironforge. The loss was a double blow for Gipper; not only had he lost his home and everyone he cared for, but he had also lost his tenure and redicously big budget.

Seeking a way to regain what he could (especially the budget), he joined forces with Mobead Headkicker and the Lawn Ornaments. Looking forward to al life of (scientifically planned) explosions and high adventure, he was unprepared for the guild's focus on an apparently non-existent foe from a war that never happened. And while he is glad to work with them, he has noticed a distinct lack of Gnomeregan reclamation going on.

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