The Arcane Republic of Dalaran is a magocrati state, meaning that only mages wield governmental power.

Citizenship and Law Edit

There are two kinds of dalaranian citizens, seculars and wizards. All persons of any race who have inhabited the territory for at least a year without disturbing the public order aredeemed to be lawful residents.

Seculars (non-mages) attain citizenship either by being born within dalarani territory or serving the state in a military capacity (either as an agent of the army, navy, police, intelligence or even a supplier of the military) for a year and a half. The Secret Council may award a Patent-of-Citizenry to an individual by a majority vote.

All citizens may attain the status of wizard by completing a Degree on Magic in undergraduate studies in any academy or school certified by the state. Foreign wizards may also obtain citizenship by completing an undergraduate study or passing a test by the Tribunal of Qualifications. Plus the educational requirements, the wizards msut also swear an Oath of Allegiance as members of the Kirin Tor, the State Order. The Department of Magical Instruction (DMI) may grant a Patent-of-Wizardry to any person who is considered to have sufficient magical ability, this patents must be signed by the Grand Magus.

Each degree in the dalarani educational system equals a rank in the Kirin Tor:

  • No Magical Studies – Writ-of-Service – Secular Member of the Kirin Tor
  • Qualified by the Tribunal – Patent-of-Wizardry – Conjuror of the Kirin Tor
  • Undergoing Studies – Certificate-of-Arcane-Learning – Apprentice of the Kirin Tor
  • Undergraduate Studies – Bachelor-in-Magic – Undermage of the Kirin Tor
  • Graduate Studies – Scholar-in-Magic – Mage of the Kirin Tor
  • Postgraduate Studies – Master-in-Magic – Magister of the Kirin Tor
  • Doctorate Studies – Doctor-in-Magic – Sorcerer of the Kirin Tor
  • Postdoctorate Studies – Lecturer-in-Magic – Archmage of the Kirin Tor

Bureaus of Government Edit

  • Bureau of Protection and Sarjeantry (BPS) – Policing, Law Enforcement, Prosecution and Judiciary
  • Bureau of Magical Responsibility (BMR) – Diplomacy and Intelligence
  • Bureau of Expeditionary Pursuits (BES) – Administration of Nethergarde Keep and the Draenor Outposts
  • Bureau of Cleansening and Purification (BCP) – Administration of the Blasted Lands Holdings

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