The Grand Magus of the Kirin Tor is the official Leader of such organization. Although he is outranked both in powers and prestige by the Council of Six, he usually holds rule over such body, being the de facto head of state and government of Dalaran.

He is responsible for policing the ethical standards of behaviour and the requirements of knowledge within the Order. He may appeal to the Senate for a demotion in rank or outright expulsion of a member, or blockade a senator's proposal o mage's request of promotion or assignment by appealing to the Council of Six.

As the presiding officer, he may establish administrative measures and rule the sessions via his contorl of the order of the day, although he usually deleagtes there functions to secretaries. He also may ask the Senate Police (namely the Sarjeant of the Senate and his Deputy) to enforce the rules of procedure, although his decisios may be appealedto the whole of the Senate. He also has the exclusive right to appoint members of the permanent and select committees, and the chairmen to all committees. The dalarani legal tradition has granted him exclusive right to drft the bills of budget and the rules of procedure. His proposal and nominations have priority.

He also presides the Senates during its sessions as the Higher Court of Law, which makes him the de facto Chief Justice.

Grand Magi of the Kirin Tor Edit

  • Antonidas Enchanteur (3 b. o. P - )

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