TV Gul'dan2
Father Supreme Gul'dan of Argumar
Background Information
Race Orc (with draconic augments)
Class Warlock, Dragon Priest
Guild Dragon Priests of Deathwing
Vital Statistics
Height Tall
Weight Average
Build Average
Hair White
Eyes Red
Personal Information
Age Old
Birthplace Draenor
Current Residence Argumar


Up until the invasion of Azeroth, Gul'dan's background was basically conterminous with that of his "Coreverse" counterpart, with a few changes. When it later was made clear to the orcs of the Horde that they were being controlled by Deathwing, the shaman-turned-warlock turned into a devout worshiper of Deathwing, whether for personal gain or real beliefs is unclear. What is known is that he now leads the order of mighty clerics drawing their power directly from the Dread Aspect. His base of operations is his own semi-autonomous city-state of Argumar, build on the ancient ruins of the high elven capital of Silvermoon.


Gul'dan is cruel and manipulative, holding no real allegiance to anyone but himself. Still, he worships Deathwing for the power the Dread Aspect brings. In combat, the High Priest shows no mercy, using whatever dirty trick that might serve his purpose. This is basically also his stance in administrative matters, which has only served to make him an extremely feared individual. He has nothing against sending people, innocent or otherwise, into their deaths, meaningful or otherwise.

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