Gwen Armstead
Background Information
Race Worgen
Class Warrior
Vital Statistics
Height 6 feet
Hair brown/red
Eyes brown (human); yellow (worgen)
Personal Information
Age 35
Birthplace Gilneas
Current Residence Gilneas

Gwen Armstead was the mayor of Duskhaven in Gilneas.


Defending GilneasEdit

She defended Gilneas City where she was gathering Hunters to capture the feral worgens in Gilneas City. After defending the city, she was affected by the worgen curse. She was later cured and continued to serve as mayor in Duskhaven. She prefers to remain in her human form, and tries to be careful. While many Worgens have been cured, she gives quests for low-leveled worgen players when she had to defend the town from an invasion of Forsaken. She was upset about the terrible news of Liam Greymane's death when the Gilneans fought to retake their city.

After the CataclysmEdit

When Calderon arose from the south sea, landmarks have finally been rose. Gwen Armstead manages to repair Duskhaven with the assistance of the Night Elves. Believing that Gilneas has been saved, Gwen stands with King Greymane until they spot a few ships across the sea. Gwen, along with her friends and allies fight to defend Gilneas again by the invasion of The Blackhood Crusade.

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