Helga Thunderhammer
Background Information
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin
Guild Lawn Ornaments
Professions Miner, Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 1.1m
Build Solid
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Personal Information
Age 55
Birthplace Ironforge
Current Residence Ironforge

"Don' make me thump ya"
—Helga Thunderhammer

Helga Thunderhammer is a Dwarf Paladin who (somehow) ended up working for Mobead Headkicker's Lawn Ornaments.


Helga is of average height for a Dwarf, but has a rather solid build, even by Dwarven standards. She has broad cheeks and a friendly smile which belies her nature. She keeps her black hair long, and wears it in a pair of thick braids. As a result, like many other female Dwarven casters, she suffers from Rofflecopter Hair; that she usually travels with Gnomes makes this situation even more dangerous, as her hair can (and will) send Gnomes flying.

Like many Dwarves and most Paladins, Helga prefers to wear heavy armour. Due to her build, the result is that she ends up resembling an immobile metal lump more then anything else. The large hammer she carries does something to counteract this image, especially with the frightening speed she can swing it with.

Like many Dwarves, she tends to become more attractive with copious alcohol consumption.


Helga's personality seems to vary wildly depending on her mood. Normally, she is a rather cheerful and good-natured (relatively) young woman who is more then willing to go out of her way help others. She is easygoing and relaxed, enjoying having a good drink and a good time. Friendly and outgoing, she is eager and kind. She seems to have an almost motherly attitudes towards the other members of the Lawn Ornaments, despite the fact that most of them are older then she is.

However, when angry or upset, she is a force to be reckoned with. Normally a dedicated healer, she will wade into battle as a fearless, armor-plated engine of destruction, crushing anyone who dares to oppose her or to harm her charges. She is especially fierce when confronted with Dark Iron Dwarves, seeing them as Bering the greatest threat to her home and people.


Born and raised in Ironforge, Helga initially trained as a priest. However, she found that she was dissatisfied and wanted to take up a more pro-active role, and more readily engage the enemies of her people. In the aftermath of the third war, she was presented with such an opportunity as the numbers of Dwarven Paladins greatly increased. Already showing the devotion and faith needed, she was inducted and trained by the order.

Initially content to help protect her homelands against the Troggs and Trolls that threatened it, she discovered that there was a greater threat looming. The Dark Iron Dwarves had begun incursions into Dun Morogh, intent on reclaiming Ironforge as their own. She was, however, surprised to find that there were others who saw them as the greatest threat to their lands. Before to long, she was a member of the Lawn Ornaments, a group dedicated to defending the world from a threat that may not exist.

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