Background Information
Race Blood Elf (Formerly High Elf)
Class Death Knight
Guild The Council of the Corrupt.
Professions High Chancellor.
Vital Statistics
Height 1.8m
Build Muscular
Hair Light Blue
Eyes Blue.
Personal Information
Age N/A
Birthplace N/A
Current Residence Acherus: The Ebon Hold.

This page is information on the High Chancellor Xivilai - his mortal lifestyle is unknown. This is merely recorded events that occured whilst he has been a Death Knight.


Xivilai's birth wasn't entirely ordinary. Rather than the usual conception and labouring birth. His long-dead corpse was merely chosen and ressurected into the life of the scourge. After initial gear-fitting and assigning. He was put into training, given a basic runesword and told to do his masters bidding, working his way up the ranks of the Lich King and eventually given the honor to fight at Lights hope chapel. Where - sadly. The Lich King's true allegiance was made clear.

Notable Friends.Edit

Xivilai is one of three High Chancellors in the guild - The Council of the Corrupt. The other two - Jarbilong and Sarleth are close, if a little uncertain friends of his. The friendship between the three is volatile to say the least. As they met in the death knight sanctuary of Death's Breach, they've helped each other frequently. However - disagreements over racial differences are present.


Xivilai is quoted in saying, "My loyalty lies with the highest bidder." In a Mercenary Manner of sorts. However, despite having no actual beating heart. His loyalty lies with his friends, he cares not for material wealth. Working with the horde is a downturn for Xivilai, he dislikes their ways, and races. Despite his best friends being Troll and Orc, he is unapproving of the tribal nature of the horde. And his allegiance as a whole is more likely to be placed with the scourge.

Achievements & Skills.Edit


Xivilai is a frequent user of the unholy arts. Often raising an undead minion to aid him in battle. And of course, if the minion is defeated. Using its corpse as a bomb!


Xivilai demonstrating his arcane abilities.


High Chancellor Xivilai is a bidding Engineer, Miner and Smelter. Taking this as more of a hobby than a proffession, he can be found often with a spanner in hand, creating some new - if slightly unreliable - gadgets.



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