Monday Morning Screenshot- Waradwen, 8/13/07 (1 of 2) High Chieften Jorlana Firewalker was a battle Hungry Tauren cheiften.

ecoming Cheiften=== Jorlanna became chieften though,frankly,the orcs.He murdered Thrall concil,leaving a shred of a leader' a tribal gown on the table.Thrall,enraged,ordered the Orcs to kidnap High Cheiften Windrunner.Jorlanna killed him before they could get there,and THrall awarded him as the New Tauren Cheiften.

=Exodus from the HordeEdit

three years later,Thrall sent a emisary to the Taurens,to find that they were gone from Mulgore.Jorlana had ordered that move to Thousand neetles,in the shimmering sands.THe Orcs and troll Marched down,to find it empty.There was a note on a rock that said this.. "In lands of Blast" Thrall took this to mean they needed to go to the Blasted lands.

=What they found thereEdit

After reaching the Blasted lands ,they went to the darkportal to find it a blueish redish color.The Tauren Were infront of it, going in in single file.Thrall charged down,his forces behind him.A battle occured.On both sides of the portal,fighting was going on.Jorlanna and thrall fought each other until the Dark portal let out a cracking sound,then exploded,switching out certain places clsoe by with places in Outland.Many of each race were gone and missing.Among them was Jorlana.THe Tauren set up settlements in blasted lands.--Cinderclaw 13:02, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

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