The High Council of Mobs

The High Council is the ruling body of the Riverpaw Empire. It is composed of High Councilors who are reponsible for whatever takes their fancy that particular day. In effect the High Council acts as the parliament and cabinet of the Empire and do all the hard work while Hogger chases Hula girls and headbutts people. The high council was chosen specifically for their ability to induce screaming fits in low-level Horde players.

The High Council consists of The Son of Arugal, Dr Witherlimb and Mankirk's Wife. High Councilors who act as the defacto government when the Emperor is not present. Though the Emperor has absolute authority, more and more, he has delegated responsibilities to the High Councilors and their subordinates to manage the Empire as it grows. It would be difficult for the Emperor himself to handle all of the affairs of the Empire on his own. This means that they can do whatever they damn well feel like; however, it is rare for Mankirk's Wife to abuse her power. In fact, all she seems to do is just lie there and stink up the place.

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